We connect you to business and partnership opportunities to accelerate the energy transition and sustainability projects.
Organisations that benefit from our matmaking service

Matching drivers of the energy transition

We connect local developers looking for capital, international IPPS and investors searching for new partnerships and opportunities, and technology and service providers looking to enter new markets.

Our matchmaking process

Our recipe for success: customer obsession and data-driven approach

Our process guarantees matchmaking opportunities.

Seizing the opportunity

We collect relevant information with analysis methodologies and industry-specific knowledge.


We process the information and categorise it applying our industry-specific data standards.

Matching prospects

We match the opportunity with prospect organisations using our AI matchmaking platform.

Beyond data

We review results and analyse ideal partners based on business preferences, values and vision.

Lighting-up business

Circular Synergies approach organisations to present the match and establishing following steps.


Organisations enter a bilateral negotiation. Circular Synergies continues support if requested.​​
Reasons why organisations choose to use business matchmaking services

Why our matchmaking service might be right for you:

The need

Business matchmaking is a service for companies looking to expand their networks, find new clients or suppliers, and enter new markets. By connecting with compatible partners, businesses can create mutually beneficial partnerships that can help them achieve their business objectives.

Efficient use of resources

Our business matchmaking allows your company to identify potential partners quickly and efficiently, without having to spend time and resources searching for them on your own.

Access to new markets

Our business matchmaking service can help your company to expand their reach by connecting you with partners in new markets.

Reduce risk

By using our platform, your organisation will reduce the risk of doing business with unknown partners. Our matchmaking services vet potential partners and provide qualified matches.

Increase opportunities

Our business matchmaking service will create new opportunities for your company to collaborate, form partnerships, and grow your business.

Cost-effective solution

Circular Synergies matchmaking service is a cost-effective way for companies to identify potential partners and explore new business opportunities.

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