Matchmaking organisations for an Equal, Diverse and Inclusive energy transition.

We create strategic networking platforms to connect professionals and organisations sharing common ESG values.

About us

Supporting partnerships for the clean energy goal.

We connect the new wave of key players in fast-growing renewable energy and sustainability industries.

The green energy and sustainability sectors are experiencing unprecedented growth to reach ambitious targets for decarbonisation and circular economy models. With growing constraints in the workforce and an interest in increasing ESG standards, Circular Synergies specialises in connecting initiatives, projects, organisations, and professionals for an equal, diverse, and inclusive energy transition with social impact.

Our Vision

Matchmaking organisations and SDG

Our Mission

Our Values

Our circles of action

Connecting renewable energy and sustainability players for SDG

We increase the chances of success for SDG-aligned projects by matchmaking organisations.

Education for the energy transition

We are building a circle of organisations involved and/or interested in supporting educational programmes:

- Schools and universities levels to guide and attract an equal and diverse future talent to the renewable energy workforce.

- Professional level courses for female and diversity individuals to gain the skills and join the workforce.

Career Development

We provide industry networks of organisations and professionals sharing DEI and sustainability values to support long-lasting relationships that facilitate networking, career development, business and partnerships opportunities.

Social Impact

We are building a circle of organisations involved and/or interested in supporting off-grid electricity projects for communities in developing countries.

There is a direct link between access to electricity, women's welfare and an equal access to higher education. Join this circle to help connect the dots.

Million people lack access to electricity
0 +
emissions reductions needed before 2030 to limit the increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-indusrial levels
0 %
Is the increase we are heading for by 2100 with current policies
0 °C
trillion annually could be raised for the G20 economies by ending fossil fuels subsidies
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Industry networks

Our industry networks allow you to connect with peers who share inclusivity values. Network, showcase expertise, and share knowledge and best practices.

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