WiSEu Expectations and Background form


Shaping the initiative form:

Interests and Background

Thank you in advance for filling up this form. It will take 5-15 minutes, depending on your involvement.

This information will help us understand your expectations, activities and topics you are interested in participating in and the composition of the WiSEu network from a diversity and background point of view.

Deadline. This form will profoundly impact shaping the initiative, allowing members to become actively involved. We will close submissions on the 30th of April, 2023. From that date, similar forms will be available with fewer collaboration options. Therefore, invite as many awesome solar women in Europe as you know to participate so they can submit this form too. 

We have created an event on LinkedIn for members of the initiative so we know who is interested in attending the meet-up. We will suggest different options among attendees and confirm the date and location a month before the tradeshow. 

If you are unsure yet if you will attend Intersolar Europe, no worries; you can register your attendance once you know.

We will share the link to the event for you to register your attendance once you submit this form. 🙂

That is excellent news! We will keep in touch as soon as we have interview slots available. (First come, first served).

The meeting takes 30 minutes, with the interview recording being 10-15 minutes, and consists of nine questions we send in advance once the appointment is scheduled. You can always change questions so they are tailored to your experience.

The interview is edited so we can stop and repeat questions if you are unhappy with your answer. 🙂


The questions in this section will help us analyse diversity within the group from a professional perspective, ethnicity, and the ages involved in the initiative. This information will be essential also to compare evolution year-on-year. 

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